With a video on demand website featuring stunning HD videos, a collection of DVD’s and it’s own range of merchandise, ScottXXX has become the leading gay foot fetish brand in the UK and around the globe.

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Beefy, blokey and sweaty workmen. We all love it! So what better than an entire porn studio dedicated to the beauty of the stereotypical masculine builder! Fit, horned up blokes and lads get it on in their hi viz work gear, uniforms and rigger boots!

If you like your fit, cocky, Northern scally lads, then NorthernLads.com is definitely one for you! These lads will do ‘owt for money and they ain’t afraid of showing off! Expect loads of council estate chavs and shameless behaviour.

Operating a strict dress code of trainers and sports gear only, the fetish club night attracts horny guys from all over the UK, France, Germany, Austria and beyond! ADDICT combines sleazy house and trance sounds with dark rooms and play areas to deliver the ultimate foot fetish clubbing experience.

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